FIFA World Cup Logo History: Every World Cup Logo Since 1930

In this post, I’ll take you through the complete history of FIFA World Cup logo since 1930.

The FIFA World Cup is the undisputed king of sporting events. Every four years, it brings together the best national teams in a global battle for soccer supremacy.

And the logo is a major part of this event. It gives a unique identity and recognition to each edition of the World Cup.

But logos haven’t always been a part of the World Cup image. In the early days, FIFA World Cup had posters instead of emblems or logos.

We’ll go through each of them in this post.

So, if you’re curious about the FIFA World Cup logo history, you’re in the right place.

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FIFA World Cup 1930 Poster / Logo
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Host Nation: Uruguay
Designed By: Guillermo Laborde

The 1930 FIFA World Cup did not have a distinct logo. Instead, the inaugural FIFA World Cup in 1930 featured a beautiful Art Deco-style poster. It captured the spirit of the game and the aesthetic of the time.

The poster featured an abstract, stylized image of a goalkeeper making a save, clad in the Uruguay national colors.


FIFA World Cup 1934 Poster / Logo
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Host Nation: Italy
Designed By: Filippo Tommaso Marinetti

The 1934 World Cup followed the strategy of the 1930 tournament by using a stylized poster.


FIFA World Cup 1938 Poster / Logo
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Host Nation: France
Designed By: Henri Desmé


FIFA World Cup 1950 Poster / Logo
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Host Nation: Brazil


FIFA World Cup 1954 Poster / Logo
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Host Nation: Switzerland
Designed By: Herbert Leupin

The 1954 World Cup poster featured a football swelling the back of the goal net. It also had an open-mouthed and outstretched goalkeeper looking back in surprise.

The goalkeeper, frozen in a moment of intense drama, appears distressed at the moment of defeat.


FIFA World Cup 1958 Poster / Logo
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Host Nation: Sweden

The 1958 World Cup poster was one of the simplest designs in the tournament. The logo included an illustration of a soccer player and a ball.

It also had the letters “VM,” which stands for “Varldsmasterskapet” (“World Cup” in Swedish).


FIFA World Cup 1962 Poster
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Host Nation: Chile

The 1962 FIFA World Cup logo featured a large soccer stadium with the Chilean flag. It was placed over a large round shape representing a globe and a soccer ball.


FIFA World Cup 1966 Poster
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Host Nation: England
Designed By: Whitestone Agency

The 1966 FIFA World Cup logo featured the Jules Rimet Trophy with the FA crest placed in the ball as the globe.

This was also the first World Cup to feature a mascot. It was a lion wearing a Union Jack jersey emblazoned with the words “WORLD CUP”.

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FIFA World Cup 1970 Logo
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Host Nation: Mexico
Designed By: Lance Wyman

The 1970 World Cup was the first edition to use an actual logo instead of a poster.

It was a simple logo inspired by the official ball design of the tournament.


FIFA World Cup 1974 Logo
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Host Nation: West Germany

The 1974 FIFA World Cup logo featured a ball with three stripes inside a box. It also had the text “WM 74” (“Weltmeisterschaft”, or “World Cup” in German).


FIFA World Cup 1978 Logo
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Host Nation: Argentina

The logo of the 1978 FIFA World Cup has a very interesting story.

It was based on Argentinian President Juan Perón’s signature gesture. It represented the ball raised by his hands.

The design was created in 1974.

But there was a coup in Argentina in 1976 and Juan Perón was removed from his position.

The new military leadership attempted to change the logo but it was too late. The logo was already commercialized, so they had to abandon their efforts to modify it.


FIFA World Cup 1982 Logo
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Host Nation: Spain
Designed By: Joan Miró


FIFA World Cup 1986 Logo
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Host Nation: Mexico
Designed By: Rubén Santiago Hernández


FIFA World Cup 1990 Logo
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Host Nation: Italy

The 1990 World Cup logo had a stylized soccer ball in the Italian tricolors.


FIFA World Cup 1994 Logo
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Host Nation: United States
Designed By: Pentagram Agency

The 1994 FIFA World Cup logo features a stylized soccer ball with the text “1994 FIFA WORLD CUP USA”.

The ball is composed of red, white, and blue triangles, representing the colors of the United States flag.


FIFA World Cup 1998 Logo
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Host Nation: France
Designed By: ASDA Agency


FIFA World Cup 2002 Logo
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Host Nation: South Korea and Japan
Designed By: Interbrand Agency

The 2002 World Cup logo was the first time that the World Cup trophy was incorporated into the logo.


FIFA World Cup 2006 Logo
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Host Nation: Germany
Designed By: Whitestone Agency

The 2006 FIFA World Cup tournament was officially called Die Welt zu Gast bei Freunden (A time to make friends).

That’s why the World Cup logo was also designed to celebrate the camaraderie of the game

The logo featured laughing faces in the ‘0’ and ‘6’ symbols.

It also had elements of the German flag and the previous Korea/Japan 2002 logo.


FIFA World Cup 2010 Logo
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Host Nation: South Africa
Designed By: Gaby De Abreu

The 2010 FIFA World Cup logo went a different way from the typical circular World Cup logos. It had a distinctive rectangular design.

The logo also featured the colors of the host nation, South Africa, with a green and gold color scheme. The design was inspired by local and regional African culture and landscapes.


FIFA World Cup 2014 Logo
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Host Nation: Brazil
Designed By: Africa Agency

The 2014 FIFA World Cup logo depicts three hands “holding” the trophy and giving it shape. It represents the humanitarian notion of hands helping each other.

The green and yellow colors on the logo represent Brazil’s national colors.

The logo was selected by a panel of seven Brazilian celebrities. This drew criticism from a prominent Brazilian graphic designer who felt the panel lacked professional graphic designers.


FIFA World Cup 2018 Logo
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Host Nation: Russia
Designed By: Miguel Viana

The 2018 World Cup logo features a World Cup trophy swirling upward in plumed panels of gold, red, blue, and black.

It took inspiration from Russia’s rich artistic tradition.


FIFA World Cup 2022 Logo
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Host Nation: Qatar
Designed By: Brandia Central Agency

The FIFA World Cup 2022 logo features sweeping curves that represent Qatar’s dunes. Then, the central logo resembles an “8,” which signifies the eight stadiums hosting the event and also represents infinity.

Additionally, the logo incorporates elements of Qatar’s traditional wear, the woollen shawl, as a nod to the tournament being held in winter.


FIFA World Cup 2026 Logo
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Host Nation: Canada, Mexico, United States

The official logo for the 2026 FIFA World Cup features an image of the FIFA World Cup trophy sitting on top of the number 26.

This is also the first time that the image of the World Cup trophy has been used in a logo.

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